Saturday, March 1, 2008

A different slant on the Prince Harry affair

Fellow blogger The Remittance Man has an interesting take on Prince Harry's service in Afghanistan.

... all credit to the lad. He’s apparently been doing a bit of FACing for the Gurkhas; calling down seven shades of aerial destruction upon Terry Taliban’s bonce. But this does raise a couple of important issues as yet unaddressed by the Grown Ups:

Firstly: Does being blown to smithereens by bombs dropped on the say so of a Prince of the Blood give a recently slotted warrior of God any extra bennies? Does he get to push to the front of the queue outside the celestial bordello his priests say awaits him? Do more than the standard 72 heavenly hookers wait to serve his every need? Perhaps someone with a better understanding of the finer points of Muslim theology can enlighten us.

The second and perhaps the more important one is this: Will the various coalition squadrons* that have delivered deadly ordinance at HRH’s request be eligible for a Royal Warrant? Will they be allowed to carry the appropriate device on their tail fins? How does “4077th, Tactical Fragging, Nuking and Napalming Wing (By Royal Appointment)” sound?


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Anonymous said...

Don't know about whether someone gets more prestige from being blown to smithereens by a Prince of the Blood (they get first pick of the waiting-for-martyrs virgins?), but I've gotta say I do like the 'by royal appointment' part!