Saturday, March 22, 2008

YouTube 2007 Video Awards

The winners of the YouTube 2007 Video Awards have been announced. There are some very creative and entertaining clips among them.

I have two favorites. The first is the utterly irresistible "Laughing Baby", which won in the "Adorable" category:

The second is from South Africa, showing a dramatic confrontation and life-and-death struggle involving buffalo, crocodiles and lions. Since I come from this part of the world and know the area involved, watching it brought back all sorts of memories. "Battle At Kruger" won in the "Eyewitness" category:

You can see all of the winning videos here. Recommended viewing if you have time to kill.



Diamond Mair said...

Outside of Africa, I don't think folks have any real concept of the sheer SIZE of the Cape buffalo - 5.6 ft high, 11 feet long, 1100-1984 pounds? I wouldn't want to anger one ................ "we" tend to view all bovine-types as comparatively docile - even longhorns can be gentle ................ ;-)

Semper Fi'

Peter said...

Yes indeed! I've hunted buffalo (for food, not trophies) and one learns to make very, VERY sure not to get too close. They're incredibly intelligent and unbelievably aggressive, and will make short work of you if they get the chance.

I think Robert Ruark summed up the attitude of the Cape Buffalo perfectly when he said, "They look at you as if you owe them money."