Monday, March 31, 2008

I think Texas already has something like this

A news report indicates that the Indian Army is about to introduce a curry grenade.

According to the report:

India's weapons development experts have developed an eye-watering spice bomb, packed with a potent mix of red chilli and pepper which will be used to smoke out militants during counter-insurgency operations.

. . . scientists from India's Defence Research and Development Organisation have discovered that the spices which make your curry so hot can also bring an enemy to his knees in seconds.

They have created an 81-mm grenade packed with red hot chilli, pepper and phosphorus to use in Kashmir where Islamic separatists linked with al Qaeda are fighting a long-running insurgency war.

. . .

The mix of spices and phosphorous chokes the enemy's respiratory tract, leaving targets barely able to breathe for a time. Their eyes, throat and skin burn and sting.

Army scientists have also discovered the "curry bomb" can be used to block enemy attacks by creating a smoke screen and preventing snipers from using night-vision devices and thermal imagers.

From being fired by a grenade launcher, it creates an effective smoke screen ninety metres away within five seconds.

The curry bomb will be used both as a hand grenade by police and armed forces, and as a tank-mounted device.

Fortunately the US already has such a weapon. I encountered (and experienced) it during my last-but-one visit to Texas. The locals called it "chili" . . .


P.S.: Do note the date of the news report!


Murphy said...

81mm? So it's a mild, then?


Old NFO said...

Sounds like it needs a little cayenne pepper to spice it up :-) Seriously though, that Curry can hurt a person... (burp)

Anonymous said...

Put some of that curry in one of these: