Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite blog entries of 2008

Out of the 1,159 blog posts I've made over the past year, these are the ones that most made me smile, or think, or even cry.

Wednesday, January 2nd: Sam the Sex God.

Sunday, January 6th: Wolves fishing.

Saturday, January 19th: Jasper Carrot sings about his Bantam Cock.

Friday, February 8th: Men, romance and beer.

Tuesday, February 19th: Rogue SEAL team in action.

Wednesday, February 27th: A sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process.

Friday, February 29th: Rogue waves.

Monday, March 3rd: Gratuitous self-torture, caught on video.

Tuesday, March 11th: Japanese TV stunt.

Thursday, April 10th: Creative, witty steampunk; and, on the same date, how not to get a roll of cable up the stairs.

Monday, April 14th: The hazards of parking on a snow-covered surface.

Monday, May 12th: Farewell to a true heroine.

Tuesday, May 13th: Some amazing photographs of predator and prey.

Tuesday, May 20th: Sonar's come a long way.

Thursday, June 19th: They built a monument to WHAT???

Tuesday, June 24th: Of whisky, warfare and weapons of mass distraction.

Thursday, June 26th: Absolutely the worst music video I've ever seen!

Friday, June 27th: Human ovulation captured on camera.

Sunday, July 20th: Weekend Wings #25: Air gunners. (This edition of Weekend Wings still attracts more hits from search engines than any other. I guess air gunners aren't well covered in other online sources of information.)

Wednesday, July 23rd: When police become accessories to murder.

Sunday, July 27th: Remembering Mike.

Tuesday, July 29th: Epic TV reporter FAIL!

Thursday, August 7th: The craziness of gourmet bottled water prices.

Monday, August 18th: So that's what they mean by 'trouser snake'!

Sunday, August 24th: Why awards often aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Saturday, August 30th: Lessons learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

Thursday, September 4th: Well, look what the wind blew in!

Saturday, September 6th: A recipe for neighborhood peace and quiet.

Friday, September 12th: More information than I needed!

Tuesday, September 16th: What happens when a Formula 1 driver takes his wife for a spin?

Thursday, September 18th: Iceberg of the year?

Sunday, September 21st: Lest we forget.

Monday, September 29th: So much for the cult of wine!

Thursday, October 2nd: It's Ig Nobel time again! (This article was linked by Reddit, and as a result has attracted more viewers than any other article of the past year - over 10,000, at last count.)

Sunday, October 12th: The world on a very small scale.

Thursday, October 16th: Sniggers of the day.

Saturday, October 18th: A loo with a view?

Monday, October 20th: Mind-bending music?

Saturday, October 25th: Is belly-dancing really good for you?

Sunday, October 26th: The results of 'Oops'!

Sunday, November 1st: 'I love you, Mum'.

Tuesday, November 11th: If you're feeling sorry for yourself - think of Hannah.

Friday, November 14th: The perils of gossip.

Tuesday, November 18th: Lessons learned from home repairs.

Sunday, November 23rd: A fish out of water!

Tuesday, November 25th: The future of books and reading.

Thursday, November 27th: A sad finale to the Chagos Islanders' last appeal.

Sunday, November 30th: The healthy, happy farmer . . .

Sunday, December 7th: Awwwww!

Monday, December 8th: Ninja? NOT!

Wednesday, December 10th: OK, this is insane!

Friday, December 12th: Doofus Of The Day #120

Wednesday, December 24th: The night Christmas became real.

I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. If you have other favorites of your own, please add them in Comments.


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Flowing Desert Photography said...

I have starred this one for later review. I looked at a couple of them and I know that they are probably all ones that will end up in my "share" list either as funny or meaningful. What a wide range you have. Thanks for sharing.