Thursday, November 18, 2010

Buy this book!

My online friend and fellow moderator on an Internet firearms forum, Kathy Jackson, has for some years maintained a Web site called The Cornered Cat. She's put up a long series of educational and informative articles about firearms and defensive shooting. It's become one of the premier sources of information about that sort of thing on the Web, and I've linked to it in my sidebar since I began this blog almost three years ago.

Kathy's now taken the best of her Web site, updated it, and distilled it into book format. The Cornered Cat book is published by Whitefeather Press, with an introductory offer for pre-orders of 10% off the list price. It's written primarily for women, but if you're a man you'll still find much in it of interest to you (particularly if you have a wife or girlfriend whom you'd like to introduce to defensive shooting).

If you're into shooting at all, and particularly if you want to know more about defensive shooting and related preparations, this book is essential reading. I can't put it any more strongly than that. Click on the link above and order a copy. If you're still hesitant, go to Kathy's Web site and read some of the articles there. If they don't convince you to buy her book, I don't know what will! I consider it a must-have.


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