Sunday, November 21, 2010

The King of Steampunk?

I'd never heard of the Forevertron or its creator, 'Dr. Evermor', until I came across a series of photographs at How To Be A Retronaut. Here are a few of them to whet your appetite.

According to Wikipedia, this amazing creation 'incorporates two Thomas Edison dynamos from the 1880s, lightning rods, high-voltage components from 1920s power plants, scrap from the nearby Badger Army Ammunition Plant, and the decontamination chamber from the Apollo 11 spacecraft'.

It reportedly weighs about 300 tons, but is built in sections fastened together with bolts, so as to be portable if necessary.

Wikipedia provides this great panoramic view of the whole assembly. Click the picture for a larger view.

Here's a video report on the occasion of Dr. Evermor's 70th birthday. I apologize for the sound quality (or lack thereof), but if you listen carefully, you can make out what the artist is saying.

There are more photographs of the Forevertron at How To Be A Retronaut. They're worth a look. The Forevertron's Wikipedia entry gives more details if you're interested. I think it's fascinating! Next time I visit Wisconsin I must make a plan to see it.


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Anonymous said...

Peter, I went to high school in Baraboo... The photos do not do the sculpture justice. I highly recommend a visit.... Gerry