Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More interesting photography

As regular readers know, I frequently post links to photographic exhibitions and displays. There are two of them tonight.

The 2010 National Geographic Photo Contest is in full swing. There are some astonishingly good pictures on display. You can see many of them at the link, in relatively small sizes. However, the Big Picture has published over 40 of them in larger format. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite, reduced in size to fit this blog.

There are many more at the link, some of them breathtakingly beautiful. Very highly recommended viewing.

Another series of photographs that caught my eye appears on the Web site of the Chicago Tribune. It documents the erection and dismantling of a sculpture called 'Eye', by artist and sculptor Tony Tasset, set up in Pritzker Park in that city for the duration of the summer. What interests me is not only the details of how the sculpture was assembled and taken apart again, but the way the photographs capture its interaction with the surrounding cityscape and the people of Chicago. Here are a few images from the Tribune's series to illustrate what I mean.

Again, there are many more at the link. Interesting viewing.


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Wayne Conrad said...

I think I'll burn my camera now.