Friday, November 26, 2010

Nature in the raw

There have been many spectacular photographs of the eruption earlier this year of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. The Telegraph newspaper in England has published several collections of them. I've put up one picture out of each collection to show you how good they are, and linked each picture to the collection it came from. Click any picture to see the rest of the images in that collection.

Another superb collection (some of which are duplicated in the Telegraph's collections above) is by Icelandic photographer Ragnar Sigurdsson, who (with co-author Ari Gudmundsson) has published a best-selling book of his images (it's just gone into a third, expanded edition, which gives you some idea of how fast it's selling!).

He's put many of his best images online, in relatively small sizes (he's obviously keeping the big ones for sale in his book), but still big enough to enjoy. Highly recommended viewing.

There's nothing like a volcano doing its thing to make one realize that one's rank in nature's pecking order is very insignificant indeed . . .


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