Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More on the fatheads at the TSA

I wrote last week about the Transportation Security Administration and its latest inanities (or should that be 'insanities'?). I'm very pleased to note that a great many Americans are taking umbrage at the TSA's gratuitously offensive and patently ineffective measures, and are not only objecting to them, but mocking them into the bargain. I sincerely hope that the protests that are apparently being planned for tomorrow happen in full force, and thoroughly disrupt their security charade. It deserves nothing less.

One of the finest and most profane (definitely not safe for work!) debunkings of their idiocy comes from my blogging buddy Stingray of the Atomic Nerds. Here's a sample.

“TSOs are trained security professionals,” Pinnock said. “Despite this call for chaos and disruption, it’s our belief that our members and people we represent will respond as the security professionals that they are.”

Y'know, I'm actually in 100% agreement that they will respond as the professionals that they are - petty thugs with delusions of adequacy, parodies of authority that even Cartman thinks are over the top, quislings lacking the common sense granted a simple turnip, and they will not take being challenged smoothly in stride. When an organization collectively lacks the simple common sense to step back and say “It’s just a pair of fingernail clippers. These are not a threat” and ignore a policy seventeen steps beyond idiotic, I do fully expect them to respond as the security professionals that they are.

Go and read the rest for a wonderful example of vitriol, viciousness and humor, condensed into a single glorious rant. Nobody does it like Stingray!

Plenty of anti-TSA material is circulating by e-mail. I don't know the origin of this collection of bumper stickers, but they arrived in my inbox this morning.


I wonder if anyone in the TSA is actually getting it? Can they understand that their security theater bluff has been called, and that we won't tolerate it any longer? Or are they still hiding their bureaucratic heads in the sand and refusing to face reality? Certainly, if they continue along their chosen path, the acronym TSA will have to be reinterpreted as the Terminally Stupid Administration!

Bureaucrats! Grrrr!



Peripatetic Engineer said...

I refer you to the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment for explanations of the behavior of the TSA.

perlhaqr said...

"Testicle Squeezing Authority". :)

Anonymous said...

Transportation Strangulation Agency ?

Stingray said...

"Can they understand that their security theater bluff has been called, and that we won't tolerate it any longer?"

No. Why?

"Pistole noted that those getting body searches constitute “a very small percent” of the 34 million people who have flown since the new policy went into effect. "

Most folks are just mooing through. The vocal few of us stirring the pot on this are only slightly above the level of background noise, statistically.

Thanks for the link, though. ;)

Chip said...

I want to preface this by saying I am in no way defending the TSA. However, disrupting the searches and protesting at the airport is not going to do any good. The people doing the searches are probably just as disgusted as the passengers but they can not do anything about it. If they so much as open their mouths in protest they will be fired. Many of these folks need this job just to survive. It is easy to say that they should do this or refuse to do that, but they don't make policy. If you really want to see a change then inundate your congress critters phone with calls and jam their email boxes. Believe it or not they pay attention to those communications and they are all running scared about getting re-elected.