Saturday, November 20, 2010

World's fastest rollercoaster

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi claims that its Formula Rossa rollercoaster is the fastest in the world. It apparently accelerates riders to almost 150 mph as they leave the start gate. Judging from the flattened faces of the riders in this video clip, it certainly starts off with a bang!

I'm sure it's great fun for aficionados of such things, but with my fused spine and other infirmities, I think I'll leave it to a younger generation . . .



Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with ya on that one Peter... At least with Cat shots I 'know' what is happening :-)

Raptor said...

As a member of the younger generation, here are my thoughts:

Not for all the money in all the countries in all the world could you get me on that thing.

And I love roller coasters.

Anonymous said...

I'm no good for +Gz, but that kind of +Gy could be fun it didn't mean flying around the world!


Crucis said...

I noticed that those in the back didn't have glasses nor any kind of goggles. I wonder what'd happen if one of'em took a bug, like one of our large grasshoppers, in the face?

I once knew of a motorcyclist who lost an eye to a moth while riding at night doin' around 60mph.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Check 26 seconds into it, someone lost something real quick. I hope noone was underneath at the time.