Monday, February 13, 2012

Auto parts and accessories with a difference!

A friend, Al H., sent me a link to Kale Co. Auto, which appears to be the answer to every automotive practical joker's dreams! I had to laugh at their array of new products, which includes (but is not limited to):

Porcupine seat covers - "Only for the adventurous, never for the boring. Porcupine seat covers are made with no less than 4 skins per seat! (That's about 120,000 quills, if you are counting.)"

Engine oil bypass kit - "Modern synthetic oil is very expensive - so why run the risk of getting it dirty by running it through your motor block?"

Blinker fluid - "Are your blinkers sluggish? Do they make an annoying ticking noise? Do they not flash fast enough? Here's your solution. Little do people know, factory quality blinker fluid should be changed every 150,000 blinks. Our blinker fluid lasts ten times that."

High intensity road flares - "These are KaleCoAuto's finest road flares. They are specially made to compete with modern HID lighting, and provide the best bang for your buck you can get! A word of warning, you may want to take at least three steps back after lighting, these flares are extremely bright." (I just bet they are!)

There are many more chuckle-worthy products at the site. I think Brigid and Engineering Johnson should spend some time going through them together. They're sure to find something useful to go with his duct-tape roses!



irontomflint said...

The only thing they don't stock yet is a salve for the "muffler burns" young teenaged boys got on their necks;)

Max Drive said...

Years ago my kid and I marketed Tail-light Refill Kits on eBay timed to close on April 1st. Sadly we not only had bidders but one person was really angry that she would not be receiving her Refill Kit.
P.T.Barnum was right.

Shrimp said...

Years ago, I worked retail sales at an automotive repair store. The in-joke was to call up the newbie at whatever other store(s) in the district and ask for things that simply didn't exist--muffler bearings, mud baffles, turn signal lubricant, front coil springs on a Chrysler, etc. It was a rite of passage that everybody went through.

The blinker fluid reminded me of that. Awesome (though childish) fun.

Bob@thenest said...

I can't believe someone went to the trouble to set all that up. Not sure what's better, the products, or the reviews!