Monday, February 27, 2012

Some great landscape photography

A recent article in the Daily Mail introduced me to the photography of Sandro Santioli. Here's a short excerpt.

With their strange coloured surfaces and unusual landscapes, these stunning photographs look like they were taken on an alien planet.

But the incredible shots were actually captured aboard a Cessna light aircraft flying over Iceland.

The beautiful images reveal some of the country's most incredible scenery, ranging from explosive volcanoes to colossal mountains.

Photographer Sandro Santioli racked up 70 hours of flight time as he took the extraordinary images while holding his camera out the window of the aircraft.

There's more at the link, including more photographs.

Intrigued, I found Mr. Santioli's Web site and Flickr photostream. Here, from his Flickr 'My Favourites' set, are a few more examples of his work, reduced in size to fit this blog. (See them at full size by clicking on the thumbnail images in his Flickr set, then clicking on the larger picture thus produced and selecting larger sizes where these are available.)


Mount Etna, Sicily

Near Siena, Italy

There are many more pictures in Mr. Santoli's Flickr photostream. They make interesting viewing.


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