Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quote of the day

From my blogbuddy PDB, speaking about a review of a competition pistol:

"... that holster is gayer than Tom Cruise holding a box of pink dildoes."

Gee, thanks, PDB. You owe me a new keyboard!



Anonymous said...

My Norton computer security flashes a red flag everytime I try to click on and access: "MyBlogBuddyPDB" and says it contains a seriously dangerous computer virus.


Peter said...

Mine doesn't give me any warning, and I've been visiting his blog for years. Not sure what's causing that.

Anonymous said...

5-hours later and now not a peep from my Norton anti-virus. Nice article.

Actually, I'm thinking of dumping Norton for another brand since it causes my computer to slow way down and gives false alerts.....But when they happen how do I know they're false?

My sister swears by Kaspersky so i'll give that a go.


Shrimp said...

Try avast or AVG. Either of those free versions in preferable to Norton's hog-ware. I use AVG on my laptop and avast on my desktop. I don't know that I have preference for one vs the other, but I have had no issues with either one being the background memory sucking vampire that Norton is. And they both do an admirable job of protecting me.

Bob@thenest said...

Been running Kaspersky on 4 machines for several years here. Excellent piece of work.

Unknown said...

And so poor spelling gets propagated further! How can the young generation succeed if they don't know how to spell that last work correctly?!

Bart Noir

Anonymous said...

Avast doesn't like it either.