Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lissa's going to hate me . . .

. . . but I have to raise my eyebrows at her product review today.

LookingForLissa Product Review: Kensington Keyfolio (iPad stand and keyboard)

The short version: I like it. A LOT.

The longer version: For someone who types as much and as fast* as I do, the iPad keys are irksome. They’re large . . . but not QUITE large enough to type normally. The electronic keys mean that just as you’re starting to get up a rhythm autocorrect will pop up and ruin your day. (Damn you, autocorrect!!)

As long as I’d had the iPad I’d been using one of those magnetic cases that shuts off the device once closed (yeah, I do miss that feature). But in the interest of more and easier typing – and posting – I purchased this doohickey.

There's more at the link.

Looking at that combination, I can't help but compare it to a conventional laptop computer, like this Acer Aspire model (similar to my own system):

The cost of the laptop is considerably less than the iPad-and-case combination, and it's far more powerful as a computer than any tablet, and it already has a keyboard: so why not buy a laptop in the first place, and save several hundred dollars? Or am I missing something?

(OK, Lissa, you're free to return fire about how I just don't understand the appeal of the iPad!)



Julie said...

i had the same thought when i read lissa's blog earlier - however i decided not to question her on it because i know that i'm one of the 'uncool' who just don't get iphones or ipads at all!

Old NFO said...

I'm NOT purchasing an iPad for just that reason... Waste of money, and I don't need ANOTHER 'toy'...

Anonymous said...

Look at the ASUS Transformer 2. Another nice toy.

John in Alaska

Anonymous said...

You don't need an expensive stand.

If you by an iPad get a "Velcro" kit.

That way you can attach it temporarily to the person in the unemployment line in front of you.


Lissa said...

You low-brow, unsophisticated little people can't POSSIBLY understand . . . /applesnobbery

Of course I don't hate you, and it's a perfectly valid point. If you're looking to buy a little laptop, I used to really love my Eee netbook (see here - http://lookingforlissa.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/squeee/ )

I love my iPad and use it for a gazillion things - everything from websurfing and posting to watching movies to making grocery lists to studying anatomy (there are some RIDICULOUSLY COOL interactive apps!). I find that it can do more tasks and do them much more quickly than my Eee; I ditched it when it started taking about 45 seconds to load each webpage.

In other words, I wasn't suggesting the keyboard so that you'd buy an iPad as opposed to a laptop; however if you DO have an iPad and like to type, it adds amazing functionality. :)

trailbee said...

Laptop vs. iPad. My Dell has intermittently been making strange noises for the last year, but I can't afford a new computer, because I want a Mac. I'm a third of the way there, and hope to be Mac encumbered by Dec. I'm all eyes when I see posts like this. :)