Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now that's a big camera!

It seems that the world's biggest portrait camera is about to go on a tour of the USA. The Daily Mail reports:

A world renowned photographer has spent over ten years building a 35-foot long camera by hand.

Dennis Manarchy has constructed the first-of-its-kind camera to travel around America and photograph the faces and history of vanishing U.S. cultures in their natural environments.

The 'Eye of America' is 12 feet tall, 35 feet long and eight feet wide; resulting in negatives that measure six feet tall and capture incredible visual detail.

Mr Manarchy said: 'The huge negatives allow for 24 feet tall prints with such pristine detail that you can see the fleck of an iris, a single eyelash on a child's face or the individual pores on our skin.'

The camera is currently in the prototype stage but upon completion Manarchy will undertake his upcoming 'Vanishing Cultures - An American Portrait' project.

He will haul the camera over 200,000 miles across 50 states with the view of creating a collection of photographs and stories that will celebrate and pay tribute to the history of American cultures that have shaped the nation.

There's more at the link, along with more (and much larger) photographs.

I look forward to seeing the exhibition in due course. Still, looking at the sheer size of that thing, I think something pocket-sized would be more in my line . . .



Ritchie said...

One does not normally associate a wading pool with photographic development.

Anonymous said...

Can I get wallet prints?