Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

So it's Romance Day again! I hope all my readers who are involved in relationships with someone special have a happy, blessed and peaceful day together.

In honor of the occasion, here are two rather different perspectives on romance. The first comes from a 2008 blog post.

Oops . . . !

The second is a real-life love story that played out between two USA Swimming team members at the 2012 Missouri Grand Prix event last weekend.

For Matt Grevers, a top finish in the 100-meter backstroke Saturday night at the Missouri Grand Prix was a virtual necessity to pull off a surprise medal-stand marriage proposal to his girlfriend and USA national swimming teammate, Annie Chandler.

He waited until the silver and bronze medallists left the stand, and dropped to one knee before popping the question.

But Grevers, who won two gold medals in the 2008 Olympics, wouldn’t have been so lucky if it weren’t for help from his brother Andy, who is an assistant swimming and diving coach at the University of Missouri.

He slipped his brother the diamond engagement ring before Matt took the medal stand.

The public union of swimming's newest power couple easily upstaged the action in the pool for cheering spectators and other swimmers alike.

There's more at the link. Here's a video report on what transpired.

All together, now: Awwwww!



Old NFO said...

Let's hope they last... :-)

Anonymous said...

Old NFO,

Speaking of "lasting" I was recently Skyping with an old workmate I've known since 1970, but lost touch with about 15-years ago. As our conversation progressed about "The good old days" I asked how his son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter were doing. He said they were doing great and he's hoping to visit them in the spring (they live about 300 miles away). Next question: And how's J**n (wife)?

"Oh" said he, "She walked out one day last September and said her lawyer would be sending me the final divorce papers soon. She said she was sick of being tied down." he grimly said.

Then he added; "I had no idea."

How long were you married? I asked, knowing it was pretty long.

44-years he replied.

WOW.....Like a heart attack, sometimes something like this hits without any symptoms.


trailbee said...

How sad. There is no silver lining to that one. I, too, hope this couple make it last. It's hard.

trailbee said...

Actually, I love your dead Cupid! And shot in the back, too. Somebody was ticked off. :)