Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A cardboard bicycle???

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni has developed a bicycle made of cardboard, that he hopes will revolutionize Third World transport.  According to a Reuters report, he estimates it can be sold - at a profit - for only $20, making it vastly cheaper than more conventional competitors.

Here's a video clip about how he developed his idea.

Having spent many years in the Third World, I can only say that if this holds up to wind and weather, it'll be a Godsend to many people in many nations.  I'm frankly astonished that cardboard should be a suitable material for a bicycle - but seeing is believing!



Jerry said...

Never underestimate the inventiveness of man. That is truly awesome. Who'd a thunk.

Anonymous said...

He is going to lose a hand if he persists in running a bandsaw with gloves on.
The shop clutter instills little confidence either..
But more to the point- forcing materials into a role for which they are poorly suited ,rarely works well in the end. This is basically a stunt, IMO.

Stuart Garfath said...

I'm a bit surprised that cardboard could be used to make a bicycle, but, come to think of it, who'da thought that timber and plywood would've ended up being a De-Havilland Mosquito.

Nice aeroplane, nice bicycle.

Cybrludite said...

Well, it worked well enough for the Trabant...