Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All eyes on Sandy

Having been through several hurricanes in Louisiana, I'm well aware of how nasty things must be in the North-East right now.  Hurricanes down south tend to occur during warmer weather, but at this time of year, those affected by Sandy are having to cope with power outages during near-freezing temperatures.  Not fun . . .

There have been some remarkable photographs coming out of Sandy so far.  The US Coast Guard put this one on Twitter, showing a replica of HMS Bounty sinking off North Carolina.

The Wind Map (which we visited back in April) has this fascinating image showing wind flow and velocity over the continental US as of about 10 a.m. Eastern time this morning.  Hurricane Sandy, whose center currently appears to be over the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border region, is dominating the air patterns over a full third of the country's land mass!  That's pretty impressive.

To see the current wind patterns, visit the Wind Map's Web page.

I was surprised to read that people are actually faking images of Hurricane Sandy and posting them online.  I don't see the point, when there are so many authentic images around!  You can see a collection of some of the fakes here.  (Also, Og at Neanderpundit has his own photographic version of the threats posed by Sandy . . . )

Here's holding thumbs for all of those still caught up in this mess.  You've got an interesting few days ahead of you.


EDITED TO ADD:  The Los Angeles Times has a great collection of photographs of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Worthwhile viewing.


trailbee said...

What a stunning map, and thanks for the link. Wow!

Old NFO said...

Bounty got caught in the shallows in the Graveyard. She's on the bottom and half her masts are still above water. Shows how really shallow that area is, and the reality is she was probably taking 20-30 foot seas due to the shelving of the Continental Shelf.