Monday, October 22, 2012

Racial tensions in America

The iconoclastic Fred Reed, in his latest column, takes on the politically taboo subject of race in America.  Here's an excerpt.

If the problem of race were stable, ignoring it would be one thing. But it is getting worse, which is another. We see now what amounts to a race war of low intensity. Is there a nicer way of putting it? Maybe “an inter-pigmental conflictual situation.”  But across the country there occur hundreds of attacks against whites by ferals, and they are brutal attacks. We are not talking of black eyes and bloody noses. These are assaults by gangs of, er, teens who repeatedly kick the victim in the head while laughing about it.

If you doubt this, I suggest reading 'White Girl Bleed a Lot', by Colin Flaherty.

Now, if gangs of whites were similarly attacking blacks, I would suggest twenty years, no parole. If the victim suffered lasting damage, I would say life, no parole. The dirtballs would get the picture and stop attacking. I would then be beloved of the Washington Post for my stern stand against racism. If I suggest that blacks be held to the same standard, I will be accused of being blood brother to Julius Streicher and David Duke. See what I mean about everything being race?

There's more at the link.  Highly recommended reading.

I've written about this problem in different ways over the course of several years.  I commented on the racial tensions exposed during and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and last year I discussed the changing urban self-defense environment, in which racial tensions played a major role.  A news report this week about the effects of crime in Detroit (which has caused up to 40% of its citizens to plan to leave within 5 years) doesn't specifically mention race, but it's undoubtedly a major factor, given the racial makeup of that city (which has just been named as the most violent city in the USA).

Unless and until we can have an open, honest debate about the issues surrounding race in America, unmarred by political correctness, this problem will continue.  If our society ever descends into greater chaos than at present, it'll come even more strongly to the fore . . . perhaps violently . . . and then where will we be?



DaddyBear said...

We struggle with this too. There's a lot of resistance to overcome when I tell my daughter that no matter who hits her, she's to defend herself.

trailbee said...

I think this problem has been exacerbated by a president who uses race as a stepping stone to wherever he wishes to go. But, the separation of the races was there before him and has been greatly helped along by the Congressional Black Caucus. I think it will be a LOOOOONG time before we can have any meaningful debates where the biases are left at the door, and people really want to chart an American course, instead of spitballing black and white issues across the room.