Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 'Bling' of Bond?

I was somewhat nonplussed to learn that a company has commissioned 50 examples of a gold-plated Beretta pistol to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie series.  Pursuitist reports:

Goldgenie decided to make the golden jubilee much more elegant with this limited edition James Bond 007 Gold Beretta.

... The company has created only 50 such gold plated Beretta replicas to honor the king of spies as well as alluring the 007 fans on this memorable occasion. Each gold plated Beretta has been given a unique limited edition number which is engraved onto its barrel. Godgenie has given a £1,995 price tag to each singular 007 Bond gun.

There's more at the link.

Given that the base model Beretta in question retails for only about one-eighth of the almost US $3,200 price (at current exchange rates) of the gold-plated version, I think the latter is not so much 'value added' as 'daylight robbery'!  I think I'll pass.  Nevertheless, here's a brief video tribute to Bond's 50th anniversary and the release of the latest Bond movie, 'Skyfall'.

I'll watch the new Bond movie, I think . . . but I'll wait until the DVD comes out.  I don't feel like paying daylight robbery prices for cinema tickets, either!



skreidle said...

Speaking of 50 years of Bond...

Video Premiere: 50 Years On, Skyfall Trumpeter Still Blasting James Bond Theme | Underwire | Wired -- [The big, brassy orchestrations that have marked James Bond soundtracks for half a century continues in Skyfall thanks in part to trumpeter Derek Watkins. The 67-year old British musician has blown the horn for every single Bond movie dating to 1962's 'Dr. No'.]

Borepatch said...

Wonder how much gold plating is on the slide after you fire it.

Donald Sensing said...

Interesting, especially since in Dr. No M ordered Bond to ditch the Beretta and adopt a Walther PPK. "You'll carry the Walther. Unless of course you prefer to go back to standard intelligence duties?"