Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skullduggery and spying are alive and well in the Middle East

Looks like Mossad is still up to its usual tricks . . . and Hezbollah has been employing a naughty boy.  Al Arabiya reports:

Hezbollah’s CFO has fled to Israel taking with him large sum of stolen money, classified documents and maps, local news media reported on Friday.

The news website, Now Lebanon, cited Hezbollah officials saying that the 29-year old telecommunication engineer, Hussein Fahs, has crossed to Israel carrying with him $5 million in embezzled money from the group. Fahs is also head of Hezbollah’s operational communications network.

. . .

Cases of Lebanese nationals collaborating and spying for Israel are not new.

On Tuesday, Imad al-Zein, a Lebanese Military Tribunal Judge, issued eight arrest warrants against Lebanese citizens charged of collaborating with Israel, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported.

The eight arrested include seven women and one man and were all charged in absentia. They were also natives of southern Lebanon, a region known for being a Hezbollah stronghold.

There's more at the link.

Y'know, if I were a Hezbollah operational commander or an Iranian spymaster, I'd be wondering just how many documents Mr. Fahs had managed to accumulate . . . and pondering the possibility that my name and address were contained in them.  Since he was in charge of Hezbollah's 'operational communications network', I presume Mr. Fahs knows their phone numbers, too.  I predict a large number of high-speed evacuations from southern Lebanon to more secure climes.

At least Israel won't have to put Mr. Fahs on the public payroll.  Looks like he brought his pension with him!



jumblerant said...

There might be one or two 'car accidents' and 'heart attacks' within Hezbollah and Iran in the next few weeks.

I hope they enjoy their 72 Virginians;

Arthur Ashe, Ella Fitzgerald, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E Lee, Shirley Maclaine...

Anonymous said...

Ah, perhaps I'm in error, but has there ever been a week since, oh, 1917, when skulduggery, mischief and games of shadows have not gone on in the Middle East/ Southwest Asia?