Sunday, October 14, 2012

Detroit - a lesson in "entitlement government"

Courtesy of a link at The Smallest Minority, I came across this video report about Detroit by Steven Crowder.  I don't necessarily agree with his identification of "entitlement government" with the Democratic Party - after all, it was President Bush and the Republican Party that oversaw the dramatic expansion of farm subsidies and the Medicare prescription drug benefit - but in the context of Detroit itself, I daresay he's correct.

Watch the whole thing, and as you do so, understand that this is the natural end result of trying to live off the Government teat rather than produce for yourself.  It's the biggest problem we face right now, one that's driving the current, colossal over-expenditure by our federal, state and local governments, and one that we must solve if we don't want our entire nation to end up like Detroit.

Remember in November . . . and vote out of office anyone, from any party, who advocates this sort of dependency on "other people's money"!



Old NFO said...

That was very well done, and to the point... We NEED to Re-Elect NONE!

trailbee said...

Great vid. The incredible disaster no politician REALLY wants to address. I wonder what makes Chicago and Detroit so different.

JohninMd(help?) said...

Growth in Detriot was due (partly, at least,) to honest industry and production. (auto production) In Chicago, on the other hand, prosperity seems to have been the result of govt. corruption being tolerated by a cowed or apathetic citizenry. Can you think of a better excuse for keeping HONEST folks on a short leash, via gun control & other restrictions? Add the Mob into the mix, wadda ya got?

Wraith said...

Promised the world, given the shaft.

Detroit has long been what I point to in an attempt to demonstrate the eventual results of Leftism. Unfortunately, for your average Leftist, the example pales in comparison to Getting Free Stuff.

I'm thinking we're toast.