Friday, October 12, 2012

World War II air combat over Italy

While looking for video clips to include in a forthcoming article, I came across this compilation of Allied air combat footage from the Italian campaign during World War II.  The video includes air-to-air combat scenes, bombing raids, and other interesting shots.

Those were the days when each aircraft carried a relatively small payload of 'dumb' bombs.  A dozen aircraft might be needed to bomb a single target, to ensure just one or two hits.  Today, a single strike aircraft armed with 'smart' bombs can hit a dozen different targets on a single mission.  One wonders how those World War II airmen would have reacted if they'd known how technology would improve in the coming years.  Who knows?  They might have asked to postpone the rest of the war until 'smart bombs' became available!



Anonymous said...

My late father was doing ground support work in the US Army Air Corps in Italy around this time.
He made oxygen for the fliers.

Borepatch said...

Of course, we're looking back after 70 years of technological advance. Those WWII fliers would have said the same thing: "In 1870 you would have had to bring in an artillery battery to take out the target. Now a few of us just fly over and bomb it."


Anonymous said...

The Germans had smart bombs at the start of WW II but Hitler didn't want them exposed so they were only used on remote targets or single ships. Had he not imposed this restriction, Mediterranean shipping would have stopped.

After the war the West didn't take advantage of that technology for years.


Old NFO said...

Bp's point is a good one, in 50 years, there may be NO aviators left... all machines!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video