Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still cruddy . . .

. . . but fighting it off as best I can.  Had a quiet day today, which helped.  The new fridge will be delivered tomorrow morning, if the prearranged schedule is anything to go by;  and once it's in place, I plan to go to bed for the rest of the day.  (It should be interesting getting it in:  it's 32½" deep without the door handles, and the doorway to the kitchen is 32" exactly.  I think we may have to take the doors off the fridge to get it through.)

Light posting tonight, but I'll try to put up more in the morning.  Those of you still suffering the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy, take care, y'hear?



Murphy's Law said...

Survived, we did. Storm seems to have tracked north with the rain yet dumped all the snow to the south. WV's eastern panhandle got spared.

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry you're still under the weather. At least fridge handles are (relatively) easy to remove.