Sunday, October 28, 2012

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The Silicon Graybeard links to something I'd not heard of before, but found highly amusing:  a condensed script to the movie 'The Perfect Storm'.  Here's an excerpt.


<Fade from black to a ship arriving into port. Close-ups of fish being gutted for increased realism.>

Diane Lane: Thank goodness you're back from that non-descript period of time on the sea. I missed you so (She smooches Mark Wahlberg).

Karen Allen: While I, personally, no longer care what fate befalls you, our son here might be happy you have returned.

John C. Reilly: Hey, big guy! How are you compensating for the constant absence of a strong father-figure?

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: I'm glad you're back from your voyage. Maybe it would have been possible for you and I to have had some sort of romantic relationship if you weren't so extremely gruff.

George Clooney: I'm quite gruff, all right.

John Hawkes: It's too bad I have no romantic involvement to greet me after my lonely days upon the sea. Times like this remind me of just how blindingly unattractive I am.

There's more at the link.  Good for a giggle!

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Carteach asks:  "Are your 'home defense' weapons really there for you?"  Sage advice from one who knows.  He also recommends a gas-canister-fueled stove for emergency use.  User reviews on Amazon appear to support his high opinion of it.  I've already ordered mine.

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Murphy's Law discovers that his dog regards his pain as an invitation to fun and games.  Hilarity ensues . . .

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Old NFO brings us a story from the hottest days of the Cold War, when the world stood on the brink of a nuclear holocaust.  It's a sobering reminder of how very, very close we came to global disaster.

On a lighter note, he gives us this illustration of an . . . er . . . unusual road hazard.

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Some time back, Mulligan at Do Over posted a picture of this weird-looking computer workstation.

It's apparently called the Emperor 1510 by its manufacturer.  Certainly looks imperial to me - like something from the Death Star!

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Borepatch departs from his usual food for thought to bring us food for the body - to be specific, bison teriyaki.  I'd not have thought of combining bison and Oriental flavoring, but he says it works well.  I can see I'll have to duplicate his experiment . . . all in the interests of science, of course!

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Dr. Grumpy points out that part of the course for the US Marine Corps Marathon, held in Washington DC today, had an . . . er . . . interesting shape.  I'd say he has a point . . . and knowing the Marines, I'm not so sure it was accidental!

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Warren Meyer points out that the Solyndra scandal is far from over.  Now the backers of the idea, having walked away with over half a billion dollars in US taxpayer money, want to mine the dregs of what remains of the company for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax write-offs.  Is it any wonder we're sick of crony capitalism?

In similar vein, Midwest Chick responds to a snooty liberal perspective on the current election with a very down-to-earth smackdown.  She refers to it in terms of 'Republican' and 'Democrat', but I think it's not so much party-political as statist versus libertarian in orientation.  Worth reading.

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Finally, MSgt B. brings us a rejection letter from Playgirl (scroll down at the link to see it).  It made me snort coffee all over my keyboard!

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That's it from the blogosphere for this week.



MSgt B said...

Here we go again...

I've foiled your evil plot. I went out and bought a fire extinguisher, so my laptop won't set the coffee table ablaze...again.

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Thanks for the link Peter! And the rest if the links are great too!