Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chinese fake brands are as prevalent as ever

A couple of years ago I wrote about fake Chinese brands, ripping off their Western originals in search of a fast buck. An article at China Mike shows that they're as bad as ever, and are expanding into ever more fields. Here are a few examples from the article.

There are many more at the link. Go read, if only to be forewarned about what to look for in cheaper goods imported from China.


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Sevesteen said...

I used to collect mid-grade mechanical watches. There used to be brands like ASEIKOR and ESEIKON--technically legal brands, but with low-quality Hong Kong movements. The lettering was inked on the dial, and could be removed with alcohol and a cotton swab. Vendors would erase the first and last letters, leaving SEIKO, the most popular quality Japanese watch brand.

My nickname comes from another fake Seiko, carefully engraved 'Sevesteen jewels".