Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fishers of the air

I've always loved the various species of eagles and hawks that prey upon fish. I grew up in Africa, where the African Fish Eagle is well-known. I'll never forget watching them scoop their next meal effortlessly from the water amidst so many other African species, or hearing their cries as I walked through the veld. Here's a brief recording of their sounds.

I was reminded of their grace and beauty by this video clip of ospreys catching fish. It's one of the best of its kind I've seen, providing close-up shots that capture the beauty of their flight.

(Of course, the fish might have a different opinion of them . . . )



Phil K said...

One of my favorite memories is the sound of the birds waking up in the Northern Province.

Anonymous said...

At our place in the Northern Neck, the big birds include Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and Great Blue Herons. All are very proficient hunters of sealife, but the Ospreys by far put on the best show. Cruising on the Bay, every navaid on a pole is topped by an Osprey nest made of sticks and twigs, which the female defends fiercely from boaters that get too close. In Spring and Summer, each nest commonly holds two chicks whose main job is to squawk and wait for Mom or Dad to arrive with yet another fish meal. Fun to observe.


trailbee said...

No. CA Foothills: we have lakes and many have been supplied with osprey nests or boxes, which are full every year. The nests survive the winter and winds, but come spring these birds fly in, make repairs, lay their eggs and begin new families. They are dedicated parents and awesome fishers.