Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some very interesting music

I'm not a follower of reality TV, or of entertainment shows such as America's Got Talent. However, Lindsey Stirling, a violinist who competed in a recent season of the latter program, came to my attention when I stumbled across this performance during a recent survey of YouTube videos. She calls it 'Spontaneous Me'.

That's some remarkable playing! My first thought on watching it was that I know people who 'talk with their hands' - they're always gesticulating and making shapes with their hands and fingers as they speak. If you were to tie or otherwise immobilize their hands, they'd find it much harder to express themselves. I couldn't help but wonder whether Ms. Stirling's playing would suffer from a similar handicap if you tied her feet together!

Intrigued by this piece, I looked for more of her work. This meditative performance, 'River Flows In You', also caught my eye - and my ear.

There's more of her music on her YouTube channel, and at her Web site (where you can check her blog for more information about her songs). Interesting listening - not all of it to my taste, but all of it refreshing and 'different' in her approach. Recommended.



Old NFO said...

Very interesting, and it's obvious she gets 'into' her music! :-)

skreidle said...

Brilliant work! Her joy is infectious.

trailbee said...

What a wonderful talent. This lady truly loves her violin!

Matthew said...

Also a good example of how "stance happens above the waist".

Head and hands maintain their alignment regardless of what her feet are doing.