Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Don't eat Rudolf!

It is to laugh . . . The animal-rights crowd have got their knickers in a twist over a British supermarket that's selling reindeer pâté for Christmas. Unfortunately for them, their protests only helped to publicize the product - which has since sold out! The Toronto Sun reports:

Viva -- Vegetarians International Voice for Animals -- drew attention to the Edible brand reindeer pate being sold at the grocer with a campaign calling for Britons to "politely complain" to Harvey Nichols to get the reindeer pate off the shelves.

The pate, which is branded as a "farm-raised relative of Rudolph" and an indulgent winter treat, is made from Swedish Arctic reindeer meat, cognac and spices, according to the listing for the product on Edible's website.

. . .

The media attention Viva's campaign has been getting in the U.K. seems to have rid store shelves of the reindeer pate, but not because Harvey Nichols removed it.

"Our online stock has sold out due to the publicity and demand we've received," a store spokeswoman told MSNBC Sunday.

There's more at the link.

When I told Miss D. about this, she stared at me blankly for a moment, then nodded firmly and said, "I agree! Reindeer sausage is a much better idea than pâté!"

Ah . . . Alaskans!



Bryan Reavis said...

Toxin filtering organ? BAD.
Yummy reindeer meat? GOOD.

Shrimp said...

And that is why PETA (and their ilk) will always fail. They bring it to light that someone has made yummy food from an animal(!) and we're supposed to be upset? Heck no, we eat it because it's yummy food from an animal!

Viva, thanks for the update that some new food product made from an animal exists. What's that? It's yummy? Say no more, I'm off to find a can.

If God did not wish us to eat them, He would not have made them so tasty.

There's plenty of room for all of God's creatures--right next to the mashed potatoes.