Friday, December 16, 2011

A gun to boggle the mind!

The NRA Blog has details of a firearm that truly boggles my mind.

Yes, that's a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver - originally known as the 'Military & Police' or M&P model - with a policeman's truncheon screwed onto the muzzle! The gun in question is in the NRA Museum. You can read more about it at the NRA Blog.

I have no idea who thought that one up . . . but it's counter-intuitive in more than one way. The leverage of the truncheon on the thin barrel of the revolver means that, if you hit someone hard with the tip of the truncheon while holding the combined weapon by the revolver's grip, you might well bend the barrel - making the next round you fire a very 'interesting' experience indeed! Also, since the truncheon would have to be bored through to allow passage of the bullet, it would be a lot less strong than a conventional truncheon, and might snap if used for its intended purpose as a club.

All in all, not something I'm particularly eager to add to my defensive arsenal, thank you very much . . .



Arthur B. Burnett said...


SiGraybeard said...

That was before they had their Motorola radios to bust heads with - or those big, 5 D-cell Maglites.

Seriously, I've known Motorola guys who said they showed police lighter weight radios and they were asked not to do that, so they could use them as backup weapons.

joe said...

5-D? Hmph. My sister has a 6-D model. It's almost as big as she is.