Thursday, October 18, 2012

An actual fork in the road!

I had to laugh at this report from CNN.

Jim Grant was driving home in Carlsbad, California, when he came to a fork in the road.

No, an actual fork.

The oversized kitchen utensil was 6 feet high, made of wood, painted silver and mounted in the concrete island at the intersection of Levante Street and Anillo Way in south Carlsbad.

. . .

The literal fork in the road was short-lived. A city crew pulled it out of the concrete Wednesday morning, saying in a statement that "although the fork in the road remains, the literal fork was removed this morning. We appreciate the creativity, but it's not legal or safe to put objects like this on public streets or medians."

There's more at the link, plus a photograph of the fork before it was removed.

Mr. Grant located the artist who created the fork (who wishes to remain anonymous).  The article describes how it was made and erected.  Great fun!



Rev. Paul said...

That was done in the first Muppet movie, as I recall. Nice to see someone using the same ingenuity to make it happen in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas, uses a huge, sculptured fork as their landmark. Several times a year they change the food stuck on top of the fork. There are some pictures of the fork at the bottom of their web page: .

Old NFO said...

Good one! :-)