Sunday, August 26, 2012

A cat I hadn't heard of before

I hadn't heard of the sand cat until I came across an article on Mother Nature Network about four kittens that had been born in an Israeli zoo.  They look (as kittens always do) too cute for school.  Here's a brief video report.

They're apparently about the size of a house cat, but live in desert environments, and can exist for months on the moisture contained in their prey without having to drink additional water.

Sand cat (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

It's always interesting to come across a species I'd never heard of before - particularly when it's a cute one!



irontomflint said...

The ears remind me of the Abyssinian Cats. They have larger ears to aid in cooling their body temperature.

jumblerant said...

These sand-cats are very cute, but I would hate to see this one in an aggressive posture: