Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doofus Of The Day #628

Today's award goes to Alaska Airlines.  CNN reports:

It's not the kind of view you want from the window seat: a damaged wing flap with a handwritten note on it saying "we know about this," with an arrow pointing to the area in question.

That's what one passenger on a July 28 Alaska Airlines flight from Burbank, California, to Seattle saw, snapping a photo of the rather unorthodox note that generated criticism on social media.

On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines said that a wing flap on the Boeing 737 had received an FAA-approved trim repair before the flight and was safe to fly.

. . .

Maintenance workers wrote the note to head off further reports, which was "not the best approach," McElroy said.

There's more at the link, including a photograph of the wing.

Y'know, if I saw a note like that on the wing of an aircraft in which I was flying - particularly if I only noticed it when we were cruising at well over 30,000 feet - I daresay I'd be less than amused, too!



Don said...

Ask Miss D. This is a perfectly acceptable temporary repair. During the next scheduled phase inspection the control surface can be permanently repaired or replaced.

While it might be disconcerting to a passenger, mechanics and aircrew know it's okay.

I wouldn't have written this on the upper (visible to the passengers) surface though.

Anonymous said...

AA flew a 777 from TX to Japan 13 hours with only 2working tolets.
Who is glad he wasnot aboard