Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fred on sexuality

The inimitable Fred Reed, whom we encountered in these pages a few days ago, has published his latest column:  'Fido Reconsidered:  Toward a More Inclusive Sexuality'.  It made me howl with laughter more than once.  Here's an excerpt.

Having read the course listings for several departments of Women’s Studies at places that were once universities, such as Dartmouth, I am considering becoming a deep-sea squid. Many considerations recommend this course. Squids are more dignified than people. They make less noise. Universities run by squids do not have Departments of Lesbian, Gay, Cross-gendered, Transmogrified, Transvestite, and Deeply Puzzled Squid Studies. Lady squids are less infuriated than human females in such courses, and frequently better-looking.

Departmental offerings of fascinating import abound:

WMST488R Senior Seminar: Queering the Global South (D)


WMST698D Special Topics in Women’s Studies: The History of Drag.  C. Schuler

I can’t imagine anything more appropriate to a college education than the history of drag. Perhaps there is a chapter on Elizabethan Englishmen, who wore brightly colored pantyhose and swords. Where I come from in West Virginia, any man who wore panty hose would need a sword, so maybe it made sense.  I am not sure how one queers the global south, but I believe I will move north and, just in case, get a Kevlar codpiece.

There's more at the link.  Go read for a good laugh!



Old NFO said...

Yep Fred IS a piece of work... :-)

Mad Jack said...

My admiration for Fred has gone up another notch.