Monday, August 13, 2012

Talk about being lucky!

This driver on a Russian freeway certainly had luck on his side.

If I were him, I'd have stopped at the nearest lottery ticket sales point and bought as many as I could afford, before my luck ran out!



Rev. Paul said...

Looks to me like he used up all his luck, right there.

Will said...

The luck was tires not sticky enough to cause it to roll.
The recovery makes it seem the driver might know what he's doing, though. 'Course, that brings up why he blew the lane change in the first place. Is that van a FWD? I saw a lot of FWD torque steer induced spin/crashes when I patrolled the freeways here in CA.

Comrade Misfit said...

Notice the smoke puffing from the tires of that semi he cut across in front of?

Anonymous said...

There was a stalled car in his lane. Evasive maneuver or pile into it, at speed.

STxRynn said...

Looks to me like he locked down on the wheel. The front tires aren't steering thru the skid. Didn't pay attention ahead, didn't know he was next to a truck. Panic locked his thinking into hold on tight. And it worked.

Lack of awareness / staring just past his hood. That seems the likely start of the adventure. I was almost in the big truck's shoes last week for the same thing. I saw it coming and slowed down. The week before that, some yahoo slid across 4 lanes. I had to dodge into the safety lane to miss a sideswipe. Lady on a phone.