Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not your average motorcycle race!

I wouldn't have believed this unless I'd seen this video clip.  Would you believe that in Italy, they actually have races for Vespa scooters???

Ye Gods and little fishes . . .  All they need now is a special race for little old lady riders!  There are certainly enough of them in Italy.



Anonymous said...

The scenery is pretty in Rome in decent weather- lots of lovely scooter chicks riding around in high heels and fishnet stockings.....

Old Richard said...

I think racing is a trait of the human spirit to excel. From the young ones to however old, there are folks who will race any thing that will move. To be competive, to be first, to try to be first, in my almost 70 years, I have seen racing from soap box cars to land speed record attempts.
To try to be a winner is not a bad
thing. Just saying the old biddy in
room # 24 better not try to pass in that new custom wheel chair be-cause the race is on.

Old Richard

Old NFO said...

Nope, can't be Italians, they're actually staying in the course and not getting out of the 'lane'! :-)

jbrock said...


Americans race lawnmowers; it doesn't surprise me that Italians race motor scooters. It will surprise me if the Japanese don't.

I wonder if these Vespas are as far from showroom stock as American racing mowers are? When you're flying around on little bitty wheels like that, the line between 'scary fast' and 'stupid fast' must get awfully thin.