Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More about ACORN's resurgence

Last weekend I mentioned that the defunct ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which had ostensibly closed up shop in 2010 after numerous scandals, had in fact been succeeded by over 170 splinter groups and descendant organizations that were continuing its nefarious work.

More information is now emerging about the ongoing and terminally poisonous pollution of America's body politic by politically, racially and socially polarized hard-liners.  HotAir's Green Room has a report drawing on various sources of information, including Judicial Watch's excellent report 'The Rebranding of ACORN'.  Both resources are well worth your attention.

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, as I've said before, and hold political opinions and perspectives ranging from conservative to classical-liberal.  Nevertheless, the sheer brazenness of ACORN's and its successor organizations' attempts to subvert our political system and twist it to their own fraudulent ends is mind-boggling.  I note that the Obama administration has never even tried to prosecute ACORN or its office-bearers for their misdeeds in the past.  One hopes that the next administration will finally do something about that omission.


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