Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another ex-spousal horror story

You'll recall my post a couple of days ago about former spouses who turn into stalkers.

There's a worse problem - the former spouse who targets his (or, very occasionally, her) children in order to punish the former wife (or, very occasionally, husband).

There's just been another example of this in England.

Security guard Brian Philcox, 53, had lost his job and feared he would have to hand over his house to his estranged wife Evelyn, 37.

After picking up his daughter Amy and son Owen for a weekend access visit, he told his wife: 'I've left you a present. I'll make the papers, just you watch.'

He then drove his Land Rover to a country lane and attached a hose to the exhaust pipe, feeding it through the window before leaving the engine running.

The bodies of Mr Philcox, seven-year-old Amy, and three-year-old Owen were discovered on Father's Day huddled in the rear seat of the Land Rover in Tal-y-cafn, North Wales. All three died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why is it - how is it even possible? - that some men get the idea that they 'own' their children, and can kill these innocent lives in order to make their former wives suffer?

I'm at a loss for words. I just don't understand their mental processes.

One thing I do understand, however. Such men don't deserve to live. Tragically, in this case - and in too many others like it - the man concerned is now dead, but has killed his kids along with himself. One wishes he could have been relieved of the burden of his life in some other way, without giving him the opportunity to kill others.

May Almighty God have mercy on their souls . . . and I hope his former wife gets the help and support she'll undoubtedly need to cope with this tragedy.


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Diamond Mair said...

During her sojourn in boarding school, our daughter had a friend who's biological father had been an IV drug user - he contracted HIV, which he then passed on to his wife {SHE was the parent to her daughter, son & husband} - anyhoo, they divorced, and on one of his visitations, he took his children to a park, where he committed suicide in front of them - Mom remarried, and the children went to a boarding school I'm pretty sure you're familiar with, Peter - of course, the kids were thoroughly scarred, and our daughter's friend was killed in a drunk driving accident ................... a few years earlier, Mom had succumbed to AIDS, and the step-Dad TRIED to provide the emotional support the kids needed ...................

Semper Fi'