Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Memoriam: Cyd Charisse

One of the loveliest ladies of Hollywood has just died - and yes, she was a Lady with a capital L.

Cyd Charisse was a beautiful woman, an outstanding dancer, and the heartthrob of many manly men. Her marriage to entertainer Tony Martin endured almost 60 years - a very refreshing change from typical Hollywood morality!

She 'grew old gracefully', as the saying goes, and wasn't afraid to take on new challenges and roles even in her old age. The photograph below shows her in 1992, dressed for her part in 'Grand Hotel: The Musical'. How many ladies look so good at 70 years of age?

I've always loved to watch the movies of her dancing. She was quite incredible: the great Fred Astaire described her as 'beautiful dynamite', which I find very appropriate! Here's a clip of her dancing with Astaire in the 1952 movie 'The Band Wagon'.

A lovely lady, now gone to her reward. May she rest in peace.



FHB said...

She was wonderful. One of a kind, fer sure.

Anonymous said...

A great dancer and a class act all the way.