Thursday, June 26, 2008

The great stingray migration

The Daily Mail reports that the semi-annual migration of stingrays from Mexico to Florida is under way. They apparently do this twice a year, there and back.

There are some amazing pictures to accompany the article. Here are a couple to whet your appetite. Click the photographs to enlarge them, and click the link to see more.

Amazingly sharp pictures! Kudos to the photographer.

(Oh - and I hope at least one half of the Atomic Nerds is happy to see them! Sorry, Labrat, but I couldn't find any pictures of migrating swimming rats to add to this post.)



Anonymous said...

Wow. Those pictures are stunning, and I thank you for bringing them to my attention. As much as I love sharks and the weird stuff that inhabits the deep, there are only so many hours in a day to spread between various hobbies (and the paying job, naturally) and as such I'd managed to never even hear about this event.

I'll definitely look into this further. Pity they don't have some images at higher resolutions; they'd make amazing desktops.

Word verification: yninb - the noise I would make if I unexpectedly came upon 10,000 stingrays on the move.

Peter said...

Stingray, hi-res versions can be purchased from Barcroft Media, which appears to have bought the rights to these pictures. Details at:

Click on each picture to see its full size. You'll have to contact Barcroft w.r.t. pricing.

phlegmfatale said...

wow! Spectacular. It looks fake, it's so extraordinary!