Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy day with bloggers

Not much posting today. I arrived in Dallas last night after a long and nightmarish drive (heavy traffic extended the trip from its normal 5 hours to over 8 hours - aaargh!). I'm staying with JPG and Holly for a couple of days.

We visited the Dallas Gun Show today, all of us separating to look for bits and pieces we needed. JPG thoughtfully brought along a collapsible luggage cart to tote all the reloading components he wanted! I found a couple of lovely, thick, heavy 5ft. hickory sticks shillelaghs, which I plan to convert into heavy-duty walking sticks. I also picked up some specialized cleaning gear I needed, and a couple more sets of Crimson Trace laser grips for two of my revolvers. Great prices, and a good selection at the show.

Thereafter we headed for chez Phlegm. She'd cleaned and prepared her new apartment for a blogger party. Apart from the four of us, Matt, Speakertweaker, his brother, and Fat Hairy B-----d showed up, many with family. Also present (and great fun to meet in person) was a long-term online acquaintance from a couple of forums, who uses the name Sylvagius Aquaticus for his posts. He and his wife entered warily, but were soon reassured that we were as crazy as they were!

Phlegm had laid on a lovely spread, and we all brought contributions, so the evening was filled with fun, food, drink and laughter. The kids spent lots of time in the pool, the adults spent their time feeding their faces, exchanging guns, discussing things bloggish and doing sundry such stuff. Great fun.

Holly, JPG and I have just got back home, worn out after a long day, but happy. We're off shooting tomorrow, along with Phlegm, Lawdog and (hopefully) a few others, if they get out of bed in time. I'll post an after-action report.


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phlegmfatale said...

It was an honour to have you in my home, Peter, and the entire occasion was enhanced by your sparkling presence. Thank you so much, and please feel free to call any time you are in Dallas. Apologies in advance for socks on lampshades and free-ranging dustbunnies!