Saturday, June 21, 2008

A novel way to signal for help

One has to salute the lady's ingenuity!

An American hiker given up for dead was rescued from the side of a mountain when she alerted rescuers of her whereabouts by throwing her bra into a cable car.

Jessica Brown had fallen off a ledge in the Austrian Alps and was stranded injured for 70 hours in freezing temperatures.

Mountain rescuers had been looking for her but gave up because they believed she had fallen to her death.

But the 24-year-old spotted a cable car on its way up the mountain in Salzburg and managed to take off her underwear in time to fling it.

Luckily, her bra landed inside the cable car which was carrying food, as it passed her.

Workers higher up the mountain found the garment while unloading the food and immediately sent out search party.

One rescue worker said: "It certainly beats sending up a flare.

"She hadn't been wearing much when she started on her walk and she ended up with even less on."

A Wonder-bra indeed!


1 comment:

phlegmfatale said...

So, um, they looked harder when they knew there was a bra-less chick to be found?

Happy for her that she came up with a clever solution to what must have been a terrifying and hopeless dilemma.