Monday, November 3, 2008

On This Day: November 4th, 1979

Let's not forget that on this date in 1979, 29 years ago, Iranian demonstrators took over the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and took dozens of US diplomats and Embassy staff hostage. They continued to hold them prisoner for 444 days.

The damage done to US prestige in the region was widespread and long-lasting. In some ways, it contributed to the rise in anti-American feeling that is so widespread in the Islamic world today. It certainly encouraged fundamentalist Muslim terrorists to believe that the US was 'soft', and could be attacked with impunity.

Let's also remember, on the eve of election day, that the US administration at that time was focused on warm, fuzzy, "feel-good" international relations, trying to be "all things to all men" and not taking a stand to defend US interests. Let's hope that whoever is elected President tomorrow will remember that catastrophic failure, and its consequences, and not make the same mistakes again!



fuzzys dad said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Peter (NOGH) said...

That fellow second from the right wouldn't happen to be our good friend Ahmadinnerjacket, would it?

Xavier said...

Yep. carter certainly set a precedent.

Anonymous said...

If I had been President of the USA back then I would have given the Iranians 48 hours to release all of the hostages unharmed, and if they didn't comply I would have nuked one of their cities off the face of the earth.