Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The boy gets around, doesn't he?

Readers of fellow blogger Breda may recall a post she made on Monday, describing how someone called 'Scott' had e-mailed her to offer an unsolicited guest post. Naturally, not knowing him from a bar of soap, she declined. Undaunted, Scott then informed her that she was 'hot' . . . an understandable male reaction to the lovely Breda, but under the circumstances, perhaps less than wise. (Keep pushing, son, and she'll shoot your eye out!)

Guess what plopped into my inbox a few minutes ago?

Dear Peter,

I am writing to you with a great interest in composing a guest blog for your website. I am a health, safety, and political advocate with a passion for economics and our nation's fiscal responsibility. I believe that under our current administration, budgets have become lopsided in favor of trendy "green" environmental policies. In light of the recent push by the House GOP to curb some of the overzealous EPA regulations, I feel that I could write a compelling article that would be of great interest to the readers of (

Please feel free to email me back if this interests you.

Best Regards,

Scott Portman

A bit promiscuous, isn't he, spreading his affections around the blogosphere like that? I wonder if he'll inform me that I'm 'hot' as well? (Sorry, Scott: like Breda, I'm already taken.)

Since he's so thoughtfully provided his e-mail address, perhaps my readers (and Breda's) might like to discuss with Scott his approach to blogs and bloggers, and the advisability of improving his technique? Please let us know your interesting and innovative suggestions in Comments.



Anonymous said...

Ballsy? Naive? Trying to be able to say, "Look! I got published!"? Jeez, dude, start your own blog....

At least he comes across as fairly polite.

randompawses said...

And he'll probably only charge you $250 for the privilege of publishing his opinion piece, too.

Auntie J said...

The vindictive part of me says to email him, request a post, and then post it to your blog (wait for it), and either (a) let us vilify him in comments and break out the proverbial red pixelated pen, or (b) cut and paste his content so it makes no sense whatsoever, and we'll do something similar to point (a). We'll have a blast.

And maybe he won't try it again.


perlhaqr said...

Yeah, I'm a bit confused. It's not like blogs actually cost money to start these days...

Anonymous said...

Introduce him to your good buddy the former Nigerian finance minister for some exciting business opportunities!


B said...

Yeah, I got one too. Verbatim.

I replied and suggested that he write something as an audition sorta/kindalike.

So far, no reply

Mad Jack said...

Did he tell you that you were hot?

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if he might be a recent graduate of the latest Soros/dnc media-school.

raven said...

OK OK- leave the guy alone- what is the matter here? I can list several positive attributes in damn short supply these days-
One - He identified himself, asked permission, and was polite,.
Two, he stated his proposal clearly.
Three,after refusal,he did not follow up with a hate filled rant.
Four, he was able to see Breda was indeed, "Hot". (insert smiley)

Basically, folks, this puts Scott in the 95th percentile of modern Americans. Do not believe me? Ask someone you know who runs a business how many of their applicants could present themselves as well as the maligned "Scott". Give him a break.

Shrimp said...

Anon may have hit on something there. Perhaps an anti-gun troll looking for a way to derail blogs that talk about guns.

Realistically, there is absolutely no reason he couldn't simply start his own blog, and he has no reason to latch onto your blog, Breda's or anyone else's, except to land a place that already has customers, so to speak.

Fishy. Very phishy. But it gives me an idea, Peter. I can be a guest-writer on your blog and I can write about idiots that try to latch themselves onto other peoples' blogs. Have I told you that you're hot?

Peter said...

Why, Shrimp . . . I didn't know you cared!


BobG said...

I got one from him about the same time Breda did; all I did was block his email address and delete the letter. He isn't worth my trouble to mess with him.

LabRat said...

I don't regard immediately sexualizing someone you approached as a professional who just rejected said offer as particularly admirable nor gentlemanly.

Times and places for "you're hot" to be an actual compliment, but that ain't one of them.

North said...

Very good point, LabRat. I saw the "you're hot" as very disconnected or perhaps a reaction to rejection.

I didn't see it in contrast to the letter because it was just so... odd. But those two words certainly make anything remotely perceived as positive about him as illegitimate.

Zilla said...

Crap. I got the same email but offering to write for a different topic back in March & I figured, hey free content andd I can take a day off & still get traffic, so when he sent me his article & it looked OK (I checked to make sure it wasn't plagiarized) I posted it. But the name he used was Nick Scott. Then, the other day, a guy calling himself Ryan sends me THE EXACT SAME EMAIL but offering to write on a slightly different subject, and then today, a blogger friend showed me THE EXACT SAME email offering to guest blog for her on a slightly different subject and this emailer used yet another name. I googled a few lines from that email and I see dozens of bloggers have gotten it, with different senders and different subjects offered but all the same email. That's how I found your blog and Breda's. What the heck is going on? I thought it may be a lefty thing to discredit righty bloggers, but it seems that they are targeting bloggers outside of the rightblogs too. I don't get it If they want to write for free why not do it at their own blogs? This is really bothering me, especially since I fell for it. Any ideas?

Peter said...

No idea, Zilla. I'm not sure what he/she/they/it is/are after, or why h/s/t/i has/have chosen this approach. All I know is, it's not going to happen on this blog.