Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The motoring madness of Group B

For those motor enthusiasts of "a certain vintage" (including yours truly), the magnificent Group B rally cars of the early 1980's were a breed apart. They carved deep, brutally powerful tracks across the world before being banned in 1987 as uncontrollable and too dangerous for the sport.

YouTube user amjayes has produced this lovely video clip of a series of slow-motion shots of Group B cars in action, set to a haunting series of music tracks. I found a link to it at Dark Roasted Blend, and couldn't resist sharing it here.

Lovely! That brings back many memories of an era of motor rallying that will never be with us again.



Anonymous said...


Thanks, JD

Old NFO said...

WOW!!! Lots of horsepower, right on the edge of control, whatta rush!!! :-)

Bill N. said...

I don't suppose you know the artist and name of the music playing in the video. I keep playing the video over and over again just to listen to the music.

Peter said...

Bill, the music tracks (4 of them) are identified in the video text. Click the "YouTube" button in the video frame to watch it on YouTube, rather than embedded here, and then expand the video information box to read the track titles.

Noons said...

And to think that before the 4wd era, GroupB also ran in 2WD!
I do recall a tree suddenly positioned in the rear seat of our amateur rally Ford Escort in Portugal, before I grew up. ;)