Sunday, April 10, 2011

A family needs your help

Courtesy of an e-mail from Brigid, I learned of the tragedy of Patrick Leister.

Pat was the dude that walked around with a s*** eating grin glued to his face ALL.THE.TIME. No lie....ALL.THE.TIME. He was a walking party but when it was time to get down to business, he was all business. He worked in our IT department, mostly working with our phone he needed to be on his toes to keep that piece of crap system working.

So a couple weeks ago, Pat caught a cold which was the norm when you have (3) kids at the ages of 2,4 and 6. Pat called out sick from work Thursday and Friday....canceled his plans with Viking Erik on Saturday. Hhmmmm..... the dude must be sick to cancel a trip to go into New York City! So, Monday rolled around and Pat got an appointment with his doctor since he didn't get any better. Off to the doctor he went.....then immediately off to the hospital he went. Pat was severely dehydrated so they admitted him.....then Pat got quarantined. He wasn't getting better and all his organs started shutting down one by one.....and nobody knew why. By Tuesday, Pat passed away at the age of 31 leaving behind a widow with three young children.

. . .

A handful of us can't get those kids off our minds either. So a committee was formed to raise monies to help support the kids. I am honored to be part of the Leister Fund. We have a benefit planned for April 23, which would have been Pat's 32nd birthday.

There's more at the link. I'd be very grateful if you'd please take the time to click over there and read it; and then, if you will, please consider making a donation to the Leister Fund. Pat can no longer provide for his children . . . but we can, in his name. I'm going to do so, and I'd be very grateful if you, my readers, would please do likewise, even if only a token amount. Every little helps.

Thanks, friends.



STxRynn said...

Thanks for making me aware of the opportunity, Peter. Some good came from not being able to sleep tonight.

Ol' Lurker said...

I never, ever, ever respond to this kind of thing. I just don't ever do it. Having said check goes in the mail in the morning. How about the rest of you?

Anonymous said...

The real question here is exactly what killed him? Sounds very much like some form of meningitis that the doctors didn't recognize. Scarey thought that.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is real and not a scam?