Friday, April 29, 2011

Useful emergency medical information

Via a link at Lifehacker, I was led to "Austere Medicine Books and References", a list of free online medical information resources. (Link is to an Adobe Acrobat document in .PDF format.) It lists many useful books and references for emergency situations, home medical needs, and resources intended for use in more remote parts of the world, where medical assistance may be many hours or even days away (not to mention hundreds of miles distant).

Some of the resources listed (all .PDF files) include:

There are many more resources at the link. Very useful if you want to have comprehensive medical care information available in case of emergency, particularly if you aren't sure whether medical assistance will be available when needed.

(If readers know of any more useful references like that, how about posting a link to them in Comments? That way we can all benefit.)



Dave H said...
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Dave H said...

The UK's Department for Transport publishes The Ship Captain's Medical Guide, for situations at sea where no doctor is available and there are limited medical resources:

It features helpful chapters like "Sexually transmitted diseases," "Female disorders and pregnancy," "Childbirth," and "The dying and the dead."

Makes you wonder what's going on aboard those British ships, doesn't it?

[Spelling corrected from previous comment - D.]

Don said...

Good info. Thanks!

LabRat said...

Second the recommendation for "Where There Is No Doctor". My dad spent a stint in the Indian Health Service, and while Arizona Indian reservations at the time weren't quite bush Africa, they were lacking enough he found it handy and read it worn. For me it was where I learned my first aid, though the bit on coping with cholera never became relevant...