Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parting with a favorite toy

Miss D. is heading back to Alaska soon, to pick up her plane: and we need to finance the trip. Therefore, some of my gun collection is going on the block. (Lose some guns, but gain a plane - sounds like a winner for both of us!) I'm offering readers of my blog first crack at some of my more treasured bits and pieces.

First on the block is a Smith & Wesson 325PD revolver. Those who want to know more about this model will find reviews here and here. The video clip below shows a 325PD revolver being fired.

The 325PD is a Scandium alloy (i.e. very-light-weight) N-frame revolver firing the .45 ACP cartridge, and is probably the finest carry revolver I've ever owned. Despite its light weight, the recoil is very manageable (as demonstrated in the video clip above). Unfortunately, due to my partial disability (caused by an injury in 2004) I'm no longer able to handle the .45's recoil as well as I could, particularly during extended practice sessions. Much to my regret, I have to 'bite the bullet' and accept that this gun no longer belongs in my everyday carry battery.

However, my loss will be someone else's gain. This revolver is hard to find on the used market, particularly with the prized 2¾" barrel, which makes it more easily concealable. Furthermore, my gun's had a service action job from Clark Custom Guns, who are (in my and many others' opinion) probably one of the top five revolver gunsmiths in the nation. It's got a double-action trigger pull like running a silk-covered finger through warm butter . . . smooooooth! I replaced the original wood grips with a set of Pachmayr Gripper grips (shown on my gun, below). These soft rubber grips absorb more of the recoil and make shooting this lightweight revolver more comfortable.

My Smith & Wesson 325PD revolver (picture taken this morning)

The best price for a new 325PD that I've been able to find online is $744.00 at Bud's Gun Shop. This gun is in very good to excellent condition, and the Clark Custom Guns action job adds to its value. In the light of that new price, I'm asking $700 for mine, to include the action job and the Gripper grips shown above. If sold face-to-face in Tennessee, no shipping charges apply: otherwise, I'll split the shipping costs to his/her FFL dealer with the purchaser. (All Federal and State laws and regulations apply, of course.)

If you're interested, send me an e-mail (address is in my blog profile), and we'll talk further. Offers will be entertained in the order they were received.


EDITED TO ADD: I have someone interested in buying the revolver, and one other person waiting in case that transaction doesn't work out. Pending receipt of funds, the gun is sold.


Old NFO said...

Hate to hear you are having to let anything go... If I can help, please let me know.

B said...

Bummer, I was counting my change to see if I could come up with the scratch....

Comrade Misfit said...

I can't swing the gun, but I wish Miss D all the best in flying her T-Cart down to TN.

Peter said...

Old NFO, check your e-mail.