Monday, April 25, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #468

Today's award goes to a young lady (?) in Berlin, Germany.

Police called to a flat in Berlin by neighbours who said it sounded like someone was using an electric drill through the night smashed down the door to find a vibrator had switched itself on and was jiggling around on the floor.

. . .

"You could hear the noise out on the street," one neighbour was quoted as saying.

When the officers smashed their way into the flat they found nothing more dangerous than the vibrator which was doing its best on the floor.

Now the young woman is not only going to have to face her neighbours when she returns home - she will also have to pay for the smashed door, the paper said.

There's more at the link, including a photograph of what appears to be the offending . . . er . . . article.

I imagine it'll take her quite a while to live that one down!



Shrimp said...

"... to find a vibrator had switched itself on ..."

Much like a firearm that "just went off," I wonder what really happened there. As far as I know, electric devices do not switch themselves on or off, at least not if they aren't designed to do so. There aren't that many possibilities, as I see it. It was either left on, or deliberately left in her apartment to cause her embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she had the iPhone app for her industrial strength vibrator and she hit it accidentally.....a butt dial, if you will.....

perlhaqr said...

Wait, why does *she* have to pay for a door the *Police* knocked down on behalf of her *neighbors*?

Chris said...

1)If the police had a legitimate reason to bust in, they aren't liable.

2)The neighbors didn't tell the police to break it down, so they aren't liable.

3)You don't really think the landlord is going to eat the cost do you?

Neel Patel said...

What is essentially a noise complaint is legitimate reason to break down a door?

I could maybe understand if there was screaming heard or a smell of decay, etc, but a noise complaint?

Shrimp said...

It's Germany, Neel Patel. The neighbors are watching and waiting for an excuse to call the polizei. And apparantly, the police are looking for an excuse to bust down the door. "Noise" will do.