Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day 2011

Today was the deadline (in the USA) for submission of individual tax returns (or applications for an extension of time in which to do so).

Bestselling author and blogging buddy Larry Correia wrote a truly magnificent rant on Tax Day. It's not only hugely entertaining, but also very true. Go read it.

Indeed, it was so good that it's been spread all over the Internet . . . and the wingnuts have begun to froth at the mouth about it. Larry, in his usual inimitable fashion, proceeds to take their objections apart at the seams. It's even more entertaining than the original rant! Again, go read it for yourselves.


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Anonymous said...

Reading the comments on his web blog is like seeing the attitudes of the committed AGW fans. It must be the same mental set-up. They just like being rude, irrational and stupid. It seems to be an international hobby.